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air duct cleaning Atlanta
air duct cleaning Atlanta
Introduction – In times past, people didn’t give much thought to the quality of the air inside their homes because it was believed that the major concern was the quality of air outside the home. Then it was discovered that the indoor air quality had a significant effect on a number of health problems such as asthma, certain allergies and other respiratory ailments.air duct cleaning Atlanta
After further research, it was discovered that much of the poor air quality found in homes was transmitted through the air duct and vents of the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system). An accumulation of irritants were found such as pet dander and hairs, dead insects and rodent feces in many HVAC systems. These contaminants are easily spread by air circulation throughout the home whenever homeowners first turn on their heating and cooling systems during the appropriate season. Thus, purifying the air in your home on a regular basis is advisable. It’s also advisable to include dryer duct cleaning in this process as this is an area where the unmistakable buildup of lint and dust is easily seen on the lint filters that are removed and cleaned manually by users after each use. In addition to the removal of lint and dust, the main job of dryers is to remove moisture and if this moisture isn’t filtered properly, homeowners may find themselves dealing with that other nuisance problem of the increase of mold on air vents.

Cost Savings

When it comes to cleaning ducts and vents, the first and most important factor for most customers will be cost. This is extremely important because let’s face it: purchase and installation of a HVAC system can be costly enough! Nevertheless, customers will find that the only way they’re going to get a true idea about how much a vent and ductwork cleaning will cost them is to contact a company that deals in air duct, dryer vent and heating duct cleaning services. Once they contact a company, they’ll find that after they’ve given a description of the services needed, the best that company will be able to do is give them an estimated quote of the cost of the expected services. This quote can either increase or decrease depending on what the technician actually finds after surveying the home. Basic factors that are used when determining cost includes the size of the home, the number of ducts and vents which are to be worked on, and when the last time the home air ducts and vents were cleaned. Of course, the more ducts and vents to be cleaned, and if it turns out that a major cleaning job is needed, the more it’s going to cost to do the job. There is, however, a significant amount of advice on how to realize cost savings when it comes to HVAC systems. For instance:
  • Try to develop a system that includes regular maintenance checks before any problems occur;
  • Change the home air filter every 3 – 4 months. This is something that can be easily forgotten but keep in mind that this is the first step in alleviating the buildup of all those dreadful indoor pollutants such as pet hairs, dander, pollen, lint and dust; and
  • Buying the higher efficiency units will cost more but they can save more in the long run by rendering lower maintenance costs, and there’s also a higher return in direct rebates, tax credits and deductions from utility companies and the federal, state and local governments.
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How Often Should Air Ducts and Vents Be Cleaned?

There are differences of opinion concerning how often the air and duct vents should be cleaned. Some professionals advise doing basic maintenance in the beginning of every summer and winter season (May and October?). Following this pattern will keep the system in check preventing less costly and involved maintenance in the future. However, most customers are not as diligent and/or aren’t financially able when it comes to keeping up this routine. Thus, it’s agreed that the next best suggestion for cleaning depends on the circumstances of the customer, such as size of the home, number of ducts and vents in the home, and the general circumstances within the home. Barring customary maintenance checks 1 – 2 times a year, it’s generally recommended that air duct and vent cleaning services should be done in the home every 2 – 5 years and dryer vent cleaning should be done every 1 – 2 years. Besides the need for healthy indoor air within the home, a certified duct cleaning will also help to maintain a more efficient operation of the HVAC system. Factors that may alter the recommended 2 – 5 year cleaning are:
  • Is it possible that people in the home who suffer from respiratory ailments are suffering more because of the poor air quality in the home?
  • Are there moderate to heavy smokers in the home?
  • Are there 1 or more pets in the home?
If one or more of the above conditions exist in the home, then it might be a good idea to call in the air vent cleaning professionals to do a residential duct cleaning more often, at least to obtain an assessment of how much the family’s daily routines affect the buildup of irritants in their house air vents. Another time to bring the professionals in to perform the services of air duct cleaning is after major repairs and/or remodeling has been done on the home. Debris from major renovation jobs can result in a massive accumulation of pollutants in the duct system. Air duct cleaning Atlanta Just Call Us Now: (855) 512-2726

The Benefits of Keeping the HVAC System Clean

The benefits of duct cleaning services are as follows:
  • Keeping air vents and ducts clean helps the HVAC system run more effortlessly, resulting in higher energy efficiency and lower utility bills;
  • Deep cleaning of the components of the system (i.e., coils, etc.) can also result in a longer term of operation giving homeowners optimum, long-term usage of their system; and
  • Air ducts and vents make comfortable homes for rodents and insects which could become a possible source of all kinds of respiratory illnesses which can be contracted through the air circulated through the HVAC system.


No matter how you approach this issue, there’s no denying the importance of performing some form of regular maintenance on HVAC systems. We here at 4 Seasons Air Care stand ready, willing and able to take care of all household heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Our company can also provide our customers (residential and commercial) with carpet and furnace cleaning, with all our services working toward the goal of establishing the best quality air in homes and offices. Feel free to contact us by either visiting our website or calling us directly (855) 512-2726. We’re located in Roswell, GA and we service all locations within a 40 mile radius of our location. We’ll be happy to complete whatever air duct, dryer vent, carpet or furnace cleaning job required in a professional and expeditious way. Air duct cleaning Atlanta Just Call Us Now: (855) 512-2726
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