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Crawl space Encapsulation


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Crawl space Encapsulation system & Benefits

A crawl space is a section with the lowest height in a basement. Although it serves a vital role in the house, it can also lead to several moisture-related problems if not taken care of properly. Possible water leaks from the foundation and ground can cause humidity to accumulate in the space. A crawl space encapsulation system can prevent all these problems and make the basement livable.

For Safe & Healthy Home

A wet crawl space can spell disaster for your entire home. Today, most homeowners don’t realize that what happens in this area can significantly influence the rest of their house. A crawl space that isn’t encapsulated can cause severe damage to wooden support beams and floor joists. These materials can start to rot, warp, and decay overtime if left untreated. Also, a flooded crawl space can lead to the development of dangerous mold and bacteria.

Furthermore, an unsealed crawl space is an open invitation for letting in unwanted critters, such as skunks, snakes, spiders, rats, mice, termites, roaches, and other pests you don’t want living underneath your home!

Another reason to replace Duct work

Vapor and moisture from the ground can seep through the foundation and floors and cause a lot of problems in the basement. If left unresolved, issues like mold growth, separating floors, and insect problems can quickly spread to the rest of the house, resulting in expensive repairs.
Some of the factors to consider before starting an encapsulation project are:
Bulk water issues: Encapsulation cannot be done if there are water stains on the walls and floors, or you have had water that pools in the basement for long. The cause of the problem must be addressed first.
Backdrafting: This must be checked in basements that have combustion appliances.
Termite control: Consult termite control companies before covering the space, especially if you have a termite bond.

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