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Why You Should Support Local Atlanta GA Services
Why should you support local Atlanta GA services instead of national chains? The answer starts by looking around your community and thinking what you love. Do you enjoy the local parks? Are you involved in local activities which use public facilities?
The owners of local service companies love this community, too. They have families, friends, employees, and customers who all live in the community. They are involved in the community. The pay taxes locally. The owner thinks about the community everyday, not just if Atlanta is turning a profit for their national chain.
Is that a great reason to support local Atlanta GA services? It is a good reason, but only scratches the surface.
The biggest reason to buy locally is for your own benefit. A local business owner sees you as a person. You are part of his community and your happiness with his work is important. He works harder to make sure you are a satisfied customer, because he may see you at the grocery store, at a ball game, at school activities, or in church.
A local business owner understands the needs of the area, too. Try to imagine how the corporate heads in a large company think of your needs? Do they know about the weather in Atlanta? Do they know the special needs of your neighborhood? Do they know the licensing and zoning laws for each community in the greater metro area? In most cases, they only know enough to get the licenses so they can do business.
A local business owner lives with the issues of the area and can provide solutions to match those needs. It is not an abstract idea to them, it is something they deal with on a daily basis in their office, in their homes, and with their clients. They intimately know your needs instead of relying on market research to give them an overview of the area.
Let us imagine a scenario. You notice your air-conditioner is not cooling efficiently. You call a national company for service. Their technician probably knows your area, but he is under instructions that they need to sell more new units. He checks out the system and recommends replacing the entire unit.
You call a local HVAC company and you might have the owner show up at your house. He looks at your air-conditioner and warns you replacement is a good idea, but he can fix it by replacing a motor. He mentions it needs to be cleaned because you just had a bunch of cottonwood trees fill up the cooling fins. He gives you a choice which is a fraction of the cost because he knows you need options. Sure, he would love to sell you a new unit, but he knows that may not be what you can afford today.
Are there other reasons you should support local Atlanta GA services over national companies? Yes. Local companies provide jobs in your area. Yes, a national chain provides jobs, but you will notice they scatter their offices strategically and hire less employees to cover that large area. Their first concern is profit margins.
The first concern of most local business owners is service. How can we provide the highest quality service possible so they always come back to us. They know they are in a fight for existence. They can compete on price because their overhead is low, but they know the real difference is service. They want you to come back when you need to replace an item or need additional service.
Your local service companies know when the summer hits with a vengeance they are going to be working overtime. Their employees know it and expect it, too. National companies may not want to pay overtime because their costs go up, so their profits go down. You should never be shocked when you hear a local business owner mention working an 80 hour week because so many people needed them.
Supporting local businesses is not only for their benefit, it is for yours, too. You get higher quality service. You know the money you spend is staying right in the community. You create a relationship with the company instead of just being John Doe over on High Street.

Support Local Atlanta GA Services
Support Local Atlanta GA Services

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